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Sovereign Silver is the number one selling colloidal silver supplement in the market today. So if you are planning to buy a silver supplement or ointment, consider this widely trusted brand first. The product is formulated in a special way to make it more effective, relatively safer, and more capable in addressing your particular health concern or to simply maintain that vitality.

sovereign silver

What is colloidal silver

In its simplest explanation, colloidal silver is the actual silver mineral suspended or mixed with distilled water or liquid. But you can’t see bits and pieces of silver itself because the mineral is broken down and refined to the micron or atomic level for easier absorption. The silver concoction has been used since the 19th Century and has been traditionally used as a topical antibiotic. But with the advent of modern day antibiotics and also with the insufficiency of medical studies that will support colloidal silver’s health benefits, the use of it has been discontinued. It’s only during the 1990’s that colloidal silver is making a comeback and this time, it is marketed as a health supplement.

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Sovereign Silver Uses

There is limited information on the actual clinical uses of colloidal silver today. But currently, there are two general uses; first, as a first aid wound and skin dressing and second, as a health supplement. Specific claimed benefits of the products include but are not limited to the following:

  • Antiviral and antibacterial. Silver is the ultimate antiviral and antibacterial. When all other antibiotics fail, colloidal silver is the last and 100% effective alternative. This is because silver has been scientifically proven to kill single celled microorganisms like viruses and bacteria by suffocating and depriving them of oxygen.
  • Anti-inflammatory. Early studies show that silver also possesses anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it useful in reducing swelling and boost healing in wounds and other inflammatory concerns.
  • For eye and ear infections. Since eye and ear infections are viral and bacterial in nature, this colloidal silver is also widely used for eye and ear infections. It is particular beneficial to sufferers of ear infections because silver can target all kinds of bacteria compared to antibiotics that merely address one or two class.

sovereign silver benefits

  • For gastrointestinal health. Part of the Sovereign Silver benefits is its use to ensure gastrointestinal health. It primarily restores balance, aids digestion and kill internal parasites.
  • For respiratory tract health. Viral and bacterial concerns with the respiratory tract can also be addressed. Examples include sinusitis, colds and flu, pneumonia, etc.
  • For urinary tract health. For urinary tract infections, colloidal silver can also prove to be helpful.
  • Possible anti-cancer or anti-HIV properties. And perhaps the most interesting use of colloidal silver is its potential when it comes to treating cancer and HIV. Similar to viruses and bacteria, silver may possess the ability to inhibit cancer cell growth and propagation. For HIV, it may be able to kill the virus as well.

Sovereign Silver features

Here are the reasons that make the brand distinct from the rest of colloidal silvers in the market:

  • Bio-active silver particles. The silver component of the supplement is positively charged. This makes it more effective than non-charged silver.
  • Smallest silver particles. The size of silver particle matters and the smaller it is, the better. With the size of 0.8 nm/0.0008 microns, there’s no comparative product that can come close.
  • Safer silver concentration. With years of study and experience, the brand has perfected the right concentration of silver particles for a relatively safer use of its customers.

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Possible side-effects

Though most sovereign silver reviews are positive in nature, due care and diligence is advised for those who want to use colloidal silvers especially the supplements that shall be ingested. It may cause argyria or permanent skin discoloration. Too much silver deposit on vital organs can also be harmful. Additionally, it may cause allergic reactions. Due care is also advised for pregnant and breast-feeding women so take your Sovereign Silver cautiously.

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